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When I render an animation I have made it comes up with other animations that I have made in the past. I really have no idea how to stop this from happening could someone please explain to me what I might be doing wrong?
Thanks a bunch in advance.

OK, in the F10 rendering panels, on the left most panel, there’s 3 lines of folder.

The first one should be “/tmp/”.

What happens is that your rendered image is stored inside that folder assuming you didn’t change it. So when you change your scene and render the animation again, those image are still there and they get put in with the new images you render.

If you only want to display the animation with only the new images, then select the old images in the /tmp folder and delete them first.

When you render the animation again, you should be only seeing new images and the old interfering images should not be there anymore.

The way I like to render my images is to render them into movie files rather than individual images but you have your own reasons to render them as images so I’m just giving suggestions.

Does this also apply even when I’ve pressed new?

I can’t figure out how to get the other renders out of the panel on the left. I’m very new at all this so any help would be appreciated please.

Does this also apply even when I’ve pressed new?

Yes, your .blend file is new but the path to the folder where the rende(s) are saved is still the same.

out of the panel on the left

Don’t know what you mean by that (maybe the field in F10 where you set the path?)

Anyhow, if you’re on windoze use windoze explorer to navigate to the folder where the renders are. Make a new folder (File, New, Folder) then drag and drop the renders into that folder, or use Shft-Leftclick to select the images from previous render and click Edit, Move to Folder. (If you want to play those previous renders in Blender again you’ll have to reset the path in F10 to the new folder, save and reopen.


Here’s a video tutorial I made for you. It’s about 7.3 MB if you’ve got the patience to wait.

Otherwise, here’s a quick tutorial:

  1. Check the location of where the animation files will be stored at. You can do this in the F10 rendering menu (press F10 on your keyboard to bring up the rendering menus).

  1. Now on your computer, go to this folder and delete any old images that you don’t want to be in new rendered animations.

Alright I understand how to get to the folder with all the previously rendered animations. But how do you get them out of there? By the way I’m using 2.42.

i need some help… i am new and i dont know how to save my anamation is movie form. can somone help me

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Now you have located the folder with previous rendered files, with that folder active press ctrl & a together then press the delete key. (note this will work with any version of blender)

You need to change the output format to a animation/movie format take a look on this page