Please help

Hi, im testing to see how i can make a relative human body after looking at some tutorials.

I thought this would be a lot easier but it came out not so great. Im not done but please crit, i need to improve.

Any help is much appreciated.

You should post some pictures and this should be in WIP section , I think. Also, there you can learn something about topology and proportions from some good threads.

Ahh my fault, i thought i uploaded the pictures.


Well, the chest is too narrow and flat. This is very simple model, it lacks many large body features.

Search for anatomy for painters, this is invaluable when doing any character. Or look here.

Looks like you’ve got the box modeling part down. Now you need to work on proportions. The easiest way to do that is to download some reference drawings and put them in your viewports as background images. Andrew Loomis’ illustrationsare a good place to start.

The Loomis images have three views on the same drawing. You can manage this by moving the image around in the background using x offset and y offset values in the background image panel. Put the image in a front view 3d viewport and modify a cube so it’s the same height and width as the front view of the illustration. Then switch to a side view 3d viewport, add the same image, but this time move the image with the x or y offset to make it match the cube, rather than moving the cube.

Welcome to Blender Artists :smiley:

i heavily recommend you to post wireframes. From the first glance it seems to me that you should use some references.
i also think this thread belongs to the WIP section.

Making characters in 3d is almost like painting them or sculpting. You need decent references and knowledge about anatomy to make nice human. But you will learn a lot while modelling your own.

Go over to and download Vuse 3.0
oh and also get Java if you don’t already have it and install it.
At the Vuse website click on On Vuse. Then go to Video arrow button
and scroll down to Education. Go to page 2 and
download JWilliamson - Modeling a Lowpoly Character .
To watch it, start Azureus.exe in C:\Program Files\ Azureus
Click on the Dashboard button, select the tutorial and click on play.
If you find an easier way to play the videos let me know.

Actually it looks great for a first attempt.Modeling humans can be really tuff when you first start, however, practice practice and more proactice will win it for you.

One way to model is to use a pre made human from where ever you find one, there are some available for free on, or the wiki or many other places.

You can use a make human model too.

Then put it on layer two and with layer one and two selected, start your model and model it right over the one on layer two.

Keep the verts very close to the one on layer two, even moving them into it. And click just layer one when you need to double check how it looks.

In this way you can really learn a lot about how people model humans. Everyone does it a little differently.

There is a video called Adrianna that is a free and excellent tutorial showing how to model just the face.

Its really cool, but today, you can only open it with torrent, so you have to download bittorrent or one of the others to view it.

After you watch this a couple times, you will be able to model anything you can picture in your mind or have a picture of, really.

Ya, ive been looking at all this information, its really great thanks guys.

Ive started the captain in the book, trying to finish it.

I like ititrx’s idea but with make human their are so many verticies, it would be difficult to model it.

I ve watched many video tutorials including adriana tutorial and low poly character, it helped a little but im more of a kinestetic learner and it is easier for me to learn these kind of things if i were to do a written tutorial and create it myself.

Wow, that is awesome for a first attempt, MUCH better than mine! It;s fine for your level. just keep making more people and soon they will start looking better.

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