Please help!

Hey Guys, I’m a new user to blender and am using it currently for a university assignment. Basically the thing I’m stuck on is controlling an object with the cursor (i.e. I want to stack blocks using the cursor - Click + Drag.) I’ve got the cursor to show up while in game but apart from that I haven’t gotten any further and desperately need help.


what version are you using? 2.49… 2.57? Game engine or modeling ? We need info to help.

2.49 and Game Engine. Sorry for the lack of details, I’m still pretty new. I found an old thread about it but it doesn’t apply to this version. I’m not a programmer at all, so I’m not good with python but have had some experience with it. I’ve been given this task by my group even though I’m the modeller/ Animator etc.

Make an object (grabbing hand/hook/another cube) that can parent the cube and de-parent it, I think there is an actuator that 'Parent’s objects.

Then you will need to add the mouse as a sensor, Y and X control motion actuators. The cube object will naturally need rigid body physics and a sensor for detecting the grabbing object as well as an appropriate button for “letting go” of the cube to fall in place.

Thanks so much! I’ll give it a go!