Please Help!

Can someone pleas quickly tell me how to zoom in and out the camera in camera perspective!
(NOT the whole screen but the actual border, if that makes sense.)

Thank you,

Ray Green

To zoom in and out with the camera you set the focal length settings under the camera panel to something you like.

Or check the “Lock camera to view” in the properties panel of the 3d view and then position the camera. This actually moves the camera closer or farther from the pivot point you have selected.

Thankyou for the info!
oh btw, if anyone reads this, i also have another problem:
when i render and make the output to my desktop, nothing happens…

What exactly do you mean by “nothing happens”? You have set your desktop as the output directory and then hit F12 to render? When the render is done you have to save it (F3), the default folder is now your Desktop.