Please help

So i have been using blender for a short time now and cant seem to get my animation renders to animate fast enough.I know or at lest think its possible to export the video and play it on something like Windows media player or QuickTime video player, unfortunately i have not been able to figure out how. I really love the program and am interested in working in CG but cant seem to figure out how to animate like a real scene should be (what i mean is not having everything visible like pressing ALT+A)

If someone can please tell me how to go about in playing my completed animations on WMP i would greatly appreciate it.

You need to render out your animation as a video file, so in the output in the render tab set it as a video format such as avi or MPEG. Hope this helps.

Like you, I am new to animation, though not Blender, and am currently working on my own little 3 minute video. I strongly suggest, from experience, that you render your animation as individual frames, for example in PNG format. Then, once you have rendered out the PNG frames, you can use Blenders built in video sequencer to render the video.

Although it takes longer and adds an extra step into the production process, when you make minor modifications, you only need to re-render the frames affected by the modification, this save a lot of rendering time and many headaches. Also, if your computer crashes mid render, you don’t lose hours of rendering time. As a final bonus, by adjusting the start/end frames, you can also stop and re-start mid-render. (smile)