Please help!

I had a scene all nearly ready to go and render in luxrender. i did a quick test and it was working fine. But it needed a few changes… I went away and made an apple, appended those in. i added a spotlight, i changed one material to a luxrender material from the database, and i changed the world volume to allow volumetric lighting… but it now fails to launch luxrender.

No matter what render path i choose like bidirectional, hybrid path etc…

So of course ive tried to revert back, by reseting that world volume to clear air. Checking all the materials… deleted the spot light. But it just wont launch when i click render.

If i try other .blends it works fine.

I am willing to upload the .blend file to see if any of you can help me get it to render. not sure where i can upload tho.

I think im going to be able to figure it out… Im loading a new scene and appending things in one by one, and i think ive found the culprit. well at least i found that soon as i append the apples, bam luxrender wont launch.