Please I need help identifying the structure of a environment

Hey guys, I have a simple question and maybe some of you here who have done something like this before or have dealt with game/level design can help me out. After watching the e3 trailer for kingdom hearts 3 I got an idea for a scene I wanted to create. I do want it to be game ready assets but I want to create something like the picture below, low poly.

The question is are the cliffs and mountains all created on a terrain? or are they just separate pieces like cliff pieces that are just stacked around to give this illusion?

I’m not sure how to go about making this as I’ve been sculpting several cliff pieces and I don’t really know how to start this up. I’m no noob at using blender, I can model anything just fine but I really need an idea of how this is made. I want to get started making environments to build a portfolio up since character modeling is much harder. Please any answer or help is appreciated as quick as possible, thank you!

usually with game models, you layout a basic terrain then add mountains on top of it. but this is a next-gen game and probably a tech demo, so who knows.

If you plan on making ‘game ready’ assets, the Game subforums may be a better place to post this question. People who model for still renders or animations don’t have the game specific knowledge about what does and doesn’t work in game engines that you are looking for.