Please I need help on how to model this

Hey there,

There are a lot of objects in this scene. What specifically are you referring to? The building? The trees? The specific wavy roof of the building?

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hello sorry the wavy roof of the

It’s pretty simple, just give a cube a few loop cuts, turn on Proportional Editing with O, grab some bottom faces (one at a time) and move them up and down :slight_smile:

Please there is no way to get is smooth and non destructive ?

There’s a lot of different ways to get what you’re looking for. I just showed you a quick and simple way. Depending on your skill level, that changes your options. What I would actually do is use the edges of a plane, randomize the transform, smooth and subdivide, extrude upwards, make a cube in the middle slightly smaller, and boolean it out… but I’m not sure that means much here :thinking: what’s your skill level?

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or alternatively a non destructive approach with nurbs, imo that shape is a bit tricky in terms of it’s orientation i.e. concave indents aligned to multiple axis.

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Intermediate I gess
I understand fundemental

Thanks you this is the method I’am using but dont get it right

Can you be specific, what’s the issue?

I dont know How to make the Wood panel to follow a curved shape
Dont get it right even using follow curve

this is what i get so far

Whether you’re referring to either the horizontal or vertical plane…duplicate your primary shape then add sufficient points or shrink wrap for accuracy.

As @josephhansen mentioned above, various avenues available to take advantage of merely just a straightforward instance of implementing a given workflow dependent upon your particular use case.

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Okay thanks you