Please, I need some help... Ocean building..

Okay so here is what I am trying to do. I am trying to animate an ocean with a boat in it. I need to be able to control everything about the ocean. I have some scenes where the boat/ship is just moving along a nice smooth ocean and another scene where I have a big storm. I have my boat made no problem, but I don’t have an ocean to put it in. I tried Cogs ocean tutorial but for some reason my results don’t look like the tutorial. I have done in a number of times and I get the same thing. Okay then I found the Ocean generator patch which seems like it would be easier but I can’t seem to understand how it works. I downloaded the demo file and it renders fine. How does the patch work?? How can I just make the plane move with the generator controls so that then I can just add my own textures and stuff??? PLEASE I NEED HELP…

Okay also is this the best way to do this??? Please ANY help would be awesome… I posted my question a few weeks ago but no one responed…


Andrew :RocknRoll:

Do I have to beg?? Please someone hlep me…

atr :frowning:

Hey atr. Sounds like you are a bit frustrated here. Not sure I can help but I can try. What exactly fails for your Cog tutorial ocean? The waves? The textures? Can you post a blend and be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish and what you are not happy with.

I don’t know of the “Ocean generator patch” that you are talking about. Can you also provide a link to this patch and I’ll have a quick look at it.

Willing to help if I can but I need a bit more information.


There is a pretty good ocean tutorial in Bounce, Tumble, and splash.

It might be based on cogs work though.