Please, I need your help...

Hello everyone!. I just want you to help me to make up my mind :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m going to join a university and I want to study something I love. The truth that I love programming and computer graphics but the problem is that I have to choose one major to study!. And, I want to study something help to be Blender Developer or Blender User (artist).
Another question, is it hard to learn both of them?!

Finally, thanks for reading this novel :stuck_out_tongue: & I’m so sorry about my English because English isn’t my native language. All I need it is some advice.

I majored in computer science in college, but I took a lot of art studio classes as well. On the whole I thought they fit well together, and with regard to Blender, experience with either one will help you with the other.

I would suggest you think about what you are happiest spending your free time doing, and major in that area. That way you get to do more of what you like doing best, and yet still fill in some extra time with other interests.


+1 NicholasB., being a bit old school I think you would pick up more in terms of visual competency via actual drawing, painting, and sculpting versus graphics classes, which teach you more about software use, which is non-standard, as opposed to skills that are translatable anywhere. Comp sci major with double major/minor in fine arts. This is over simplifying, but honestly drawing well will suit you much better than knowing the gradient tool or filters in Photoshop. The tools can be learned easily once the base is there, but without the base you have only tools!

I have been watching this PyCon presentation today, and I think this can give you some good ideas too:


It’s about how Python is used in film industry, but gives some overall guidelines about the recent changes in industrial film making, and the supporting techniques, like the importance about web development infrastructure, etc.