Please improve access to Wiki Manual at

Every time I try to read help at I get errors, slow loading, pictures not showing, etc. It doesn’t help as I’m trying to learn Blender… Some kind person in the Blender team please move the Manual pages to a better server.

Works perfectly ok for me. If you want to make it better

Well, try this and see if the pictures all load - At the moment not even the fundraising page opens for me. But if you tell me how much, and gather at least 10 people to pay toward it, I’ll happily contribute as one of the ten toward a better server. I’m not so keen on contributing into a general fund only to see no improvement on what I consider to be essential, with money spent on lower priority things. The one thing that really should work is the documentation server, otherwise we’re stuck before we even got started.

It is almost instant here in the UK

No problem here either (oh, hi there organic :)).

Sometimes internet access has its hiccups, sometimes it’s your ISP, sometimes your own LAN or PC configuration, and sometimes, yes, the remote server. There might even be a general failure affecting a wider area due to some main cable failure or similar. In this case it isn’t the wiki server, it’s quite snappy actually lately. So take a deep breath, wait a while and do something else, and maybe the problem is gone later today or tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Works fine here in Finland, too.

@konfusekitty: what kind of errors are you getting?


Yes, now it is instantenous, for me as well in Switzerland. The problem is intermittent, but happens regularly enough, every day. Either the page doesn’t load, throwing up the standard “can’t reach the site” error in Opera, and this after a lengthy delay. Or the page loads, but images load very slowly, with many thumbs broken. From experience, it does seem like a server problem. I don’t generally have such problems accessing the internet.

That sounds very much like network trouble on your side - maybe DNS related, or your ISP. Perhaps notify them of your experiences on their network?


What makes you think it’s ‘network trouble on my side’? If it was, surely other sites would be affected too.

May be that the routing is bad from you to the wiki. The wiki seems to be fast to access for others (me included), so therefor it does seem that the trouble is on your side.

Because a lot of ISPs are have broken IPv6 implementations.

This is too ridiculous… I surf a number of news sites, wikipedia, forums, photo sites, social sites, have no problem with any of them. You’re not going to convince me that it’s my ISP’s fault that ONE site, specifically is intermittently problematic. Right this moment, I can’t get to it. Grrr! :frowning:

You’re not going to convince me that it’s my ISP’s fault that ONE site,
No one has to convince you about anything.

Right this moment, I can’t get to it. Grrr!

Looks like you’ll have to put up with it then. Tried the wiki just now and no delay loading the pages.

Thanks for checking, Richard. I still can’t get in. Is it possible the hosting company is for some reason blocking or restricting visitors from Bluewin, the main ISP in Switzerland? That’s the only thing I can think of that would make sense… Seriously, no other site, including has this problem, only

ETA: I restarted my router, and now I’m in. Maybe they start to block me after I access one or two pages? Who knows. I’ll just restart the router every time I can’t access.