please list your desired gameengine fixes

Erwin has asked me to provide him with a prioritized list of game engine/bullet fixes for the next release.

I’d like a list of what you feel are the most critical to fix bugs with bullet/the game engine.

First priority is stuff that worked with 2.42a but doesn’t work now

please post a link to an example blend and a brief description of the problem

here is an example

"In the brix game the ball no longer collides with the platform - worked in 2.42a

"In the tornado demo the tornado must penetrate much further into the objects before it collides compared to 2.42a

"In the cell shaded constraint demo the hinged constraint demo part on the cupboard doors no longer works (ie they don’t open when shot) - worked in 2.43 preview 7

Please check other peoples blends - if they can be changed to work please post what change can be made. That can reduce the number of bugs that need fixing and so a higher possibility of the one you want fixed can be fixed :slight_smile:

You can post any bug you want, but first priority is probably going to be stuff that has broke since 2.42a and any bugs with the new tools added for 2.43.


Wow cool :slight_smile: Thanks for finding the bug in Br!x, I will get the new 2.43 and see if I can find more :slight_smile: I will check Zody too.

One thing that doesn’t work is when you try to add motion via the edit object actuator, the object added doesn’t move.

Sometimes the GE refuses to read the up and down parts of my python script.
The script runs fine, and side rotation will run, but up and down rotation doesnt…
Im not sure if its a widespread bug, or just my problem, but it bugs me.

The first priority should be to fix all existing logic bricks. Some of them are completely unusable in their current state…

ST150 - list them so that they are known, and preferably provide example blends that show the breakage…


okay - reply on the first three

tornado is apparently ‘done wrong’ in the blend - so not a bug with the engine

cell shaded - the hinges implementation has changed since the demo was done, so it needs to be updated

blix - it is a bug and he will fix

Also note - if I get replies sooner than later - a good chance the earlier replies might get addressed preferentially especially if I don’t have any high priority bugs ready to be examined.


wow! you used 2 of my demos :smiley:

hmm… all i can think of is getting more of the logic bricks working

most of my other demos… the cellshaded demo has been updated

I’ll try get a few example files up for you. Most of my projects are quite complex so it’s easier for me to create isolated files to highlight each problem.

Here’s the first one for the Property ‘Changed’ sensor. Check the console when the game is running…

wishlist of features… unfortunately they can’t be shown via a blendfile.

1: the ablitiy to set the velocity of game objects via python:
right now you can only use an actuator to push the object using a force, which means you cannot stop an object directly once it starts moving… you can get the velocity but not set it… being able to set it is very important.

2:Having a collision tolerance setting that affects the distances used to calculate collisions:
hence affecting the accuracy of simulations… I know you can set how many sub-steps it uses to calculate the simulations… but I don’t think you have a tolerance setting to improve collisions accuracy… this might be too complicated right now… but it would important I think for future releases.

3: getting the collision co-ordinates via python and using this info to spawn objects:
these co-ordinates plainly already exist in order to run the physics simulations so having access to them via python would enable the accurate spawning of objects and give you the possiblity to build realtime particles systems… and more complex simulations. Currently you can only spawn in objects via a collision at the objects pivot point not at the actual point of collision…

4 Being able to have objects that follow a path
currently the ipo info for an object following a path is not used by the GE… it is hard to animate this kind of motion just using the IPO curve editor…

there are other things that would be cool like a fracture system in havoc… but I doubt there’s time for complex stuff like that right now… thanks for all the hard work!:smiley:

Second one for the Ray sensor. Fires repeatedly when it should only be triggered once. Again check the console.

It would be incredible if we could FINALLY solve the alpha sorting issues the renderer has. Games like Half-Life 1, and Doom and Blood had proper alpha sorting, and they were released over ten years ago. But I suppose this’ll be fixed anyways with Ogre, but it’d be really nice to have proper sorting before Blender/Ogre are integrated, that way we can have good looking stuff in the meantime.

Also, I’d love to be able to parent an object to a bone and have it retain it’s center, so you could have melee weapons and whatnot without using complicated workarounds.

This is a very BIG problem that has yet to be solved, so i second this motion.

Real particles would be nice too = )

Note that almost for certain new features are not going to be addressed, especially features related to the graphics side.

Physics engine bugs, armature bugs, sensor and actuator bugs are going to be the focus.

ST150, thank you for the examples those are exactly the type of thing I need.


I find that a stack of Box-type blocks will pass through each other when they’re all constantly resetting their orientation (2.42a).
Also, dynamic objects don’t respond to Loc and Rot IPOs (2.42a).