Please Lock...

Thanks ShnitzelKiller for the heads up. Sorry, I made a bad thread that could’ve gotten into the realms of religion… which is not allowed here. Mods please lock, or delete this thread.

The best way to enforce such a rule is to lock this thread before anyone posts in it.

:confused:ehhh? why? I read the rules and it said not to delve into issues of religion, but this is science, right?

People tend to bring up religion in this argument.

And there was a thread years ago that got locked, and it was identical to this one.

K fine… how do I do that? I’ll just edit my main post and ask the mods to lock it.

People make the rules to exploit the rules and brake the rules.

brake? jk, no, it’s not that it would break the rules really, I just found out that it will cause a lot of controversy if a discussion came up. Flames flying everywhere, trolls running rampant and… I guess that’s your ideal world isn’t it. :wink:

All problems are because of an idea to begin with

So true… so without ideas there will be no problems.

For instance without the idea of freedom of speech, people just say what they think is acceptable, but there is no ideas on what is acceptable or not, which contradicts the freedom of speech, so speech is no longer a viable idea, of which silence is a new idea, which the movement of people breaks such an idea, thus they do not move, which puts starvation into view as an idea, which in turn means that food doesn't exist so starvation doesn't exist, then of which, the idea of stillness appears which then nothing is around, thus there are no idea and since an idea cannot circle around nothing with nothing to begin with we now have a world without problems. 

As represented by A=0 where |A|=0 where A is an idea and 0 is nothing. Thus it is the formula for a perfect world… in a sense of one without flaws.