please look at this please i really need help

i need help are you able to join 2 sepereate verticies so it joins as a mesh ?? how do u do it plz help
like in this picture ere
see the pic how do would u get it from 1 to 2 there plz help

If You have two objects join them together by pressing ctrl+J in object mode. Then enter edit mode, select both vertices and press F…
Is that it?

:frowning: i can’t get it like dat

F is for create Face - You need to have ONLY either 3 or 4 verticies selected.

Select the first, hold down shift and select the other 2(3)

Press F.

That should do it!

hey thans it worked but i had to hav it in 2 places :frowning: but how did he have it so ther is only jus as sif he juss extruded it again ?

He probably did both, one at a time, then took another screen shot!

That’s what I would do!!


ok but now how did he join the two parts together ? i can;t do it like he does

infact i dunno how to join em at all :frowning: this tut dosnt say much but juss hows piks

Don’t be put off - The difference between easy and arrrgh is usually just some information and experience…

Select the top two verticies that span the gap, keep holding shift down and select the next two down.

Remember in my previous post, I said you need 3 or 4 verticies selected? Well now you have 4 - so hit F and there comes the face.

Hit A (For Select / Deselect All)

Now select the bottom two verts of the face you just created, select the next two down the gap (holding shift for multi select again) and then hit F

Keep doing this until the gap is filled.

Above all - play with it. If you save between every step then you can never stuff things to the point that you can’t return so poke, prod, select things, check out menu items, do tutorials and amazing things will happen.

in time.

hey dude thanks for sum reason when i only hold downshit and select em it works :slight_smile: coz i was making the box thingy then selcting the verticies i want to face then press face make and then thing thingy saying fgon

wat is fgon any ways

that even answered my very first question that one thing that u said juss then helped me alot thanks i’ve ben gettin that probelem alot now it is ixed thanks again

The fgon error comes up when you have too many vertices selected to make a face. You can never have more then 4 vertices selected when making a new face.

The reason it worked that time was because you selected only the vertices that you wanted to use to create the face with.

I’m late (as usually) and have nothin’ very constructive to say but that You have to know, that F-key works with two verts too…
At least works for me :slight_smile:

as jendrzych said, FKey can creat an edge too. FGon stands for Fake-polygon (ie more than 4 verts). It is impossible to create a new fgon from random verts - but once you have several faces made and adjacent to each other you can create an FGon out of them - but only for visual cleanliness…The underlying faces are still there, and your face count does not go down.

Also, this works for me.

Its easier for me to conceptualize exactly what edges are going to be connected via the face command (rather than vertices).

I do this by first going into edge mode, then picking edges, then hitting F.