Help wanted for a mmorpg called “The Eternal Project”. This game is going to be a 3D Sci/Fi MMORPG. The meaning of “Eternal” is that the game will go on forever it will never stop growing, for instance look at project entropia they started in like 1995 and they still are getting new stuff, so yeah thats the meaning of “Eternal”. This game is going to have awesome stiff such as

HUNTING: In hunting after you kill your prey u will take it’s loot, a monster can carry all kinda of stuff shch as Weapions,armor,clothing,ore, and prettymuch anything u can buy in this game, you can hunt as a team with our team system u get on a team and split the loot equaly so none of the teammats get riped off or u can hunt by yourself taking all the loots…

MINING: In mining there are 2 diffrent kinda of mining 1. mining useing a “Mining Bomb” a “Resource Finder” and a “Mining Drill” and that will get you “Ore” and the 2nd way is to use a “Mining Prob” a “Resource Finder” and a “Mining Drill” and that will get you “EnMatter”…

CRAFTING: In crafting you will use “Crafting Plans” a “Resource Refiner” and crafting resources such as “Ore” and “EnMatter”, “Crafting Plans” are plans to show what you are going be crafting and u are going to use the “Ore” and “EnMatter” to create the item…

TAILORING: In tailoring you will use “Tailoring Plans” a “Resource Refiner” a “Soeing Mechine” and tailoring resources such as “wool”, "Thread, ect to make beautiful clothing…

And those are some of the diffrent activitys you will be able to do in “The Eternal Project”. but thats not all theres also things like a real time auction, a trading system so u don’t get scamed whole trading, all items will be equiptable, there will be a society system so you and your friends ingame can have thair own gruip or people, and you can make societys for spusific things such as hunting,mining,crafting,ect and there will be a job system so u can earn money for armor,weapons,mining tools,ect. there will also be a skill system for u to be able to craft,hunt,mine,etc easyer…

And here are some more featuers


  • 1st and 3d person view
  • free camera positions
  • true 3d enviroment
  • all object interactive
  • and more to come in the future


  • 3d rendering engine
  • secured intergrated networking
  • client side upgrading
  • ingame chat fuctions
  • and more to come un the future

We are currently looking for

C++ programmers:
3D modolers:
Concept Artist:
Public Relations maneger:
Website maker:

Please help with this game. Thank you…

Forum website: or and press forums

plz post people

Good luck! :wink:

You might want to try the Blender Game Engine thread or News and Chat, Crystal Space had already came asking for developers