Please make a model of this women's enagement ring and wedding ring together

Could someone please make me a relatively low poly model of this diamond-encrusted women’s engagement ring and wedding ring together like as seen in this reference image?

Some married women wear both their engagement and wedding rings together on the same finger.

Am making a mod for the video game The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim that replaces the default women’s wedding ring with this enagement/wedding ring combo.

Since it’s a game asset, try not to exceed maybe 3,000 polygons.

Should be easy and simple.

For a start you might look at the addon extra objects (brilliant diamond) and at instancing (child object) by faces… like so:
ring.blend (123.5 KB)

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What about the other ring?

There are two of them.

You aren’t asking this are you… copy, add diamond. :sunglasses:

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