Please make me train wheels that look like these

I am in the process of modeling a steam locomotive, and it would be very helpful if a skilled blender artist would model me some realistic train wheels that look like the ones shown below.

There aren’t any really good photos of the wheels themselves, but the train in question is called the C&O Allegheny 1601.

The wheels I made are low poly and don’t look that accurate.

Here are some photos of the wheels, as well as a video walking around the actual train itself. There are many other photos of the train for reference, as well.

this might help :3

Thanks! Where did you get that photo from?

simple google image search

Did anyone do this?

No, not yet.

Is this what you need? If so, do you need the variants with different crescent weights?

Yes, please make the wheels with the different crescent weights.

And thank you!

Sorry for the delay, got distracted here for a while.
train_wheel_final.blend (348.5 KB)

Thanks you!

When I look at these images I remind myself that I must train.

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