Please make SSS backscattering work in any direction (not just front and back)

the question is not, which technique to use for such tasks; the question is, how to deal with these kinds of threads.

some of you will understand…


well there is the thread starter and the respondents.There are two people that frustrate each other.

People demanding/complaining about features in open source software.
People telling people to put up or shut up.

If you don’t like the request, just don’t answer, don’t code it, and let it fall to the bottom. Yes requests are frustrating at times, but they are not illegal IMO.

People asked for Undo back in the days, others told them to not make mistakes.
People ask for Save on quit dialogues, others tell them to not quit before saving.

Same story year after year. SSS will be coded at some stage, and at that point everyone who replied negatively to CD will have been made wrong.


Agreed. Not be belittle anyone or sound like a jerk, but be thankful someone even took the time to code SSS. I think that people who don’t program, don’t understand the huge amount of time people put into these types of things, big or small features, they all take time. I have been programming for around 7 years now, and it still amazes me how far Blender has come in this short amount of time. I could never take the time to wrap my head around the math it takes to write things like this (not at this stage anyway). I’ll get off my soapbox now, but one last thing, thanks to all the people working on this to give us such a powerful program FOR FREE. :slight_smile:

Actually I’ve been messing with transparent shadows, soft QMC shadows, and transclucency and I seem to be getting results that would resemble true SSS.

However, true SSS would be a big step foward. According to how the SSS works, Brecht can always add detection of all front and all back faces from all directions in all points in space. More true style volumetric style SSS may just require a good extension of the current method.

the current SSS is good for specific tasks.

I for example would love to be able to show also geometry inside the volume.

well in most cases this might be more a special application.

i think it is good to have fast (fake) solutions and slow (real) solutions.
they both server different needs.

Imagine there would be only Indigo as a render engine. no quick scan line render.

TBH, judging from your usual line of work (abstracts), I don’t see why you’d really need it CD.