Please make this ship anchor?

Could someone please make thisy ship anchor that looks just like this one?

No need to model the chain, just the anchor.

It doesn’t need to be textured.

i will try for you but need some free time. it is interesting to me. let see yr luck.

Thank you.

Make sure that it’s red.

Just started !

anchor in place ! refining now. do u need earlier ?

It looks great!

Thank you!

pls find attached model, if u need some modification, let me know. i used blender 2.80.48, happy Blending!!! Anchor.blend (2.4 MB)

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I downloaded your file, but it won’t show up in my version of blender.

your are using version is 2.79, pls download version 2.80 from >> << (unzip downloaded file in desktop, directly double click blender.exe as no installer available now)

Where is the exe file?

All I see are a bunch of dll files.

hope u see some api-ms-win*****.dll, scroll down little more, u will find blender.exe ( or only blender) (file size abt 85mb).

why not export it as *.obj :stuck_out_tongue: for easy import ?

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I am reminded of the ancient Chinese proverb

“Give a man a 3d model of a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to make a 3d model of a fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

yap, exporting as *.obj was a good option, but gentle man need also material without photo texture, so i made model with evee material (red with little noise), as this page is highly relate with blender, i always can ask some one to try blender 2.80. Any way, is member LBJ able to run blender 2.80 or should i export as *.obj ?

But if the man is almost starved and needs 5 days to learn to fish, he is dead.

Still if a person is asking for help and got problems with launching blender 2.8 not to mention baking maps from it, why make it mor hard on the person. And as the autor mentioned it does not need to be textured. So easy fix - export obj and its done.Anchor.obj (1.4 MB) still the mesh is a mess.

to member LBJ,
both *.blend & *.obj file (provided by member Kintaro) available to u. pls let me know your purpose is served. if need some modification, let us know. Me or other members will help you.
This post now is getting twisted. I am not in a fishing game, my time really very limited for both modelling or browsing this page. So delaying for modelling or replying yr msg is not intentional. Cheer up !!

If you still can’t find the application…

For easy finding, sort the files by size. or just type blender.exe in search bar after extracting the folder.

Thank you!