Please Make Weight Paint Addon

Hello guys im new here,im asking who has experience with making addons, it will be great if you make vertex weight paint addon similar in like 3ds max

i know blender has similar mode, but its not conftroble by every time setting the value, there is no plus and minus.
here how addon gone work:
making test animation in blender,then go in edit mode and chek in mesh display weith paint.

P.s sorry for my english

You are not forced to go into edit mode to do that.
You can stay in weight paint mode. Vertices Selection is easier to do in edit mode.
But you can instantly go back to weight paint mode, change weight value by pressing W and apply it to selection by doing Shift K (default shortcut that can be customized).
And you can use Paint Palettes addon for frequent values instead of W.

thank you all chek it out