Please please help me!!!! I'm at the end of my rope

I have an object which is mirrored and I want to animate it coming togeather. So I need to know how to animate the verticies in edit mode. Or the easy work around I tried (which wan’t so easy at all) was to apply the mirror and move each object toward each other, but the problem is they share the same ipo curve for some reason! I don’t know why and I have tried everything I know how to fix it and I have been searching google for over an hour to find an answer. please please help! I have been working on this as part of my final for so long and I’m almost done with the digital modeling part of the project. (gets down on knees and begs with tears in eyes)

First of all, calm down, it will be okay.:slight_smile:

As to your issue, it is not possible to animate vertices in edit mode. What you must do if you want individual verts to move is use hooks. Go into edit mode, select the verts you want to animate, press Ctrl-H, and then select “To New Empty Object” from the list that comes up. Go back into object mode and animate the hook’s position such that the object’s halves “join”. I have attached a .blend file to illustrate better what I mean. Also, for general knowledge on hooks and usually any other Blender problem you have, look here. The wiki is your best friend when it comes to Blender how-tos.

Cheers and God bless.


Hook Animation Example.blend (186 KB)

Im not exactly sure what your trying to animate but if its only two halves coming together why not make them two separate object and have them come together. And if you need to continue the animation and dont want to worry about controlling two objects all the time at the frame where the two objects join, switch out the two meshes for one solid one thats combined. it shouldn’t be all that hard. if you don need vert by vert control then hooks might be your best choice.

Yea, just either use a hook or shape keys (I suggest a hook).

Make sure the hook is before the mirror in the stack.