Please Please help

Hello! the reason i’m posting here and not in the WIP is because BLENDER WONT WORK :frowning: so there are no WIPS i’m currently working on :frowning: SAD day

Help me :slight_smile:

I got this new laptop :slight_smile: windows 7 cool thing
and i install blender The latest version from
and when i open blender… the black box opens and then my computer says that blender stopped responding… :frowning:

Please help me!!! i need blender to work :frowning: it makes me so sad that its not working… its the only reason i got this laptop :confused:

i have a TOSHIBA

intel® Core™ i3 CPU M380 @ 2.53GHz 2.53GHz
RAM 4.00GB
System type: 64-bit Operating system

I’ve tried everything, installing old versions, trying comatibility mode, run as admin… i cant figure it out :frowning: please help

Try re-installing Blender?

Are you sure you installed the 64-bit version? What is your graphics hardware?

:slight_smile: yes i did install the 64 bit version :smiley: and i tried to re-install it but its just not working… it opens the black window, and crashes… blender doesnt begin to start :frowning:

This is my graphics information

Intel HD Graphics (Core i3)
Windows 7 service pack 1
Direct X version: 10.0
Physical Memory: 3.8GB
Minimum Graphics Memory: 32MB
Maximum Graphics Memory: 1696MB
Processor: intel 64 family 6 model
Processor Speed: 2.5GHz

Please Please help me :frowning: There is no life without blender! :frowning:

Intel integrated graphics aren’t particularly high-end in terms of graphics processing. Do those graphics support Open GL? If not, that’s a problem.

From a page about Intel HD integrated graphics support:
“Drivers that come with Windows* or that are downloaded from Windows* Update typically do not support OpenGL.”

Seriously? :frowning: … but my laptop is top of the range stuff … i thought it would work blender :confused: it runs maya ok … thats why i’m confused :frowning:

Maybe as laptops go, but in terms of hardware it’s not, really. Integrated graphics generally have less capability than a separate card, and the CPU (Core i3) is considered a “budget” level processor from the Intel range, according to a Wikipedia article. ~4Gb RAM is not bad for general work but to make Blender really happy, twice that is not unusual.

I’m not saying that your problem is no OpenGL support, just that it’s something to look into. There are drivers available for your graphics chipset, they just may not be installed in your system by default.

Sorry to tell you, but not even closely, it’s more towards the bottom end.

To check if OpenGL is the problem, download GPU Caps Viewer :

It will tells you exactly which version of OpenGL your system is running.
IntelHD cards are able to support OpenGL 2.1 from what i read, that is more than enough for every Blender features (previous OpenGL version can run Blender without a problem but do not have access to GLSL).

It’s possible that for some reason your IntelHD driver is badly installed and instead of using the OpenGL from your card, window is using the OpenGL emulation that comes from window, and that is rather bad.

With GPU caps Viewer you should be able to see if it is indeed the problem, if it detect an OpenGL that is version 1.1 , it means that your IntelHD OpenGL is ignored and it’s the microsoft emulation of it that is running.
If it is indeed the case, you should go to the Intel website and get the latest drivers for the exact card you’re using, and install them, hopefully it will get your Windows to use the card opengl then instead of the emulation of it.

If OpenGL is not the problem, i read often that window vista/seven have a different kind of file managing of everything that end into the “Program Files” directory.
Install then Blender directly on the root of your hard drive, by example if your hard drive is C:\ , install it under C:\Blender instead of C:\Program Files\Blender.

Additionally, that could get some user data security thing too, as there’s many new things regarding this in window 7 that could get in the way of Blender.
To see if it’s that, after installing Blender in C:\Blender, in that directory you should see a folder named " 2.62 " (if you downloaded the latest official release).
Inside of that " 2.62 " folder , there are several one, but create a new one manually, and name it exactly :

So you should have \Blender\2.62\config\

Launch Blender now to see if it works

Hi! i’ve tried all of the CPU caps viewer stuff, but i cant seem to get that to run either, seems that it does the same thing that blender does :confused: its almost as though my computer is blocking the program or something…

also tried to install blender and created a config folder c:Blender/config but that didnt work either :frowning:

What could be the solution? :frowning:

I’ve tried everything i can think of and im so so disapointed :frowning: please please please give me some more guidence please i really need to get blender to work :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: i’m so depressed and bored

If GPU Caps Viewer does not even launch for you, that’s rather strange, can’t see why it’s blocked as it’s nothing fancy.

I sometime read about “are you in administrator mode” related to some programs issues in vista/seven .
So in your case, are you using the simple user or administrator account , try the admin account if you’re in an user one ?

Other than that, maybe try to download an older version of Blender to see if it works.

:confused: i am using admin account… so i tried to download an older version of blender… and as it was installing it said i need python 2.6 installed to run blender, after installing python 2.6 blender still said i needed python installed :confused:

with python installed… blender still doesnt run it just opens a black box and then a widows alert says blender.exe is not responding, we’ll inform you when there is a solution avalible

:frowning: i dont understand what the problem is

Update your graphics drivers to the latest ones
Try running blender as an Administrator (not the same as using an Administrator account).
Also see if this is of any help
if you have quicktime installed, try uninstalling it

I have done the graphics card drivers, they’re all updated…
i did run blender as administrator :slight_smile: by right clicking and selecting run as administrator… :frowning: nothing
I took a look at that blog there but i none of the solutions fix my problem :frowning: have tried them all :confused:
i dont have quicktime :frowning:

I’m so disapointed, i did install zbrush… but its really hard to figure out :slight_smile: it works fine

I MISS BLENDER :frowning: