please please please.....

(blengine) #1

this is about my video tute on my site… please do not email me saying u would like a tutorial and ask for information on where to send shiipping…then never send shipping, and never even write back to confirm or tell me whats going on… cause after i get a serious email from ya, i burn the vid onto cds not even thinking…cause i mean, you emailed me, why would u back down, but you do…about 8 so far, and about 10 wasted cds… i burn them early to get them shipped faster…i wont be burning till i get deinfite confirmation now… >8|

well, anyways, thanks =)


(sten) #2

I am sorry to hear that…

that people can’t keep their words !!!

(haunt_house) #3

yes blabla, I am blabla very sorry blabla, but they bla just fall blabla out of bla my mouth blabla.

can´t keep them either

(snowy_duck) #4

how musc is shipping?

(blengine) #5

4$ US dollars for materials and shipping in the usa… one more dollar for international shipping :stuck_out_tongue:

(dickie) #6

let’s casterate them!