Please rate my crap elbow joint

I’ve used Blender for over a decade, but I mostly do procedural stuff and sculpting.

This is a mechanical joint I’ve been working on for a couple days for some character’s elbow. My venture into traditional modelling.

I think it looks too simple and messy. What do you think?
No need to spend more than a minute on a critique.

Also my first post, hello!

(That top part connects to the guy’s upper arm)

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Maybe remove some of the unnecessary detail and add some detail that appears to serve a purpose, like wires/cables and inset screws?

Thanks for the feedback!
I’ve deleted much of the unnecessary protrusions and the weird rods and it looks cleaner.
I’ve started experimenting with connecting panels and parts with inset screws where it makes sense to connect the parts physically, and it is turning out nicely.
I ran a few wires from bottom to top, but it looked a bit somewhat messy and amateur so instead I opted to experiment with the cloth sculpt tool and covered the wires with a fabric sheath. Probably will settle for nylon mesh based on a carbon fiber shader. Perhaps the entire bottom part should be covered with a sheath as well.

I would have probably been stuck in block-out hell without the recommendation, it is looking a lot nicer now.

I’ll work on it some more and post an updated photo based on your feedback.

Looking forward to seeing what you have… :+1: