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1.How can i get the bullets i pick up in ammo to add up because at the moment i pick up ammo and i get 5 bullets i pick up another ammo box but it dosnt give me 10 how can i get it to add up?

2.why won’t my bad guys die (end object) when i shoot them i have set up logic bricks for them so that when the ‘BULLET’ property hits them they end object but it dosnt work!! Please reply!! help

3.How can i press a button near to a mounted gun and get on it but only able to get on it when im near the gun not just press the button anywhere?


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how am I supposed to know why you’re assigning 5 to a property for number of bullets instead of adding 5 to it

if your bullet object is small and moves fast like a bullet then chances are it isn’t actually hitting your enemies.

… a near sensor?


Ill send you the test file. But how can i use the keyboard button and the near sensor? The bullet does hit the enemy because it moves the enemy when it shoots out but the enemy doesnt end why?


Keyboard Sensor---------------|

Near Sensor---------------------|

Ignore the ~...its just being used here for spacing.

For the bullets activate ghost or better yet use a ray sensor instead of actual bullets.

There needs to be a collision sensor on the bullet object that will fire when the enemy is hit. It doesn’t have to be connected to anything.

properties are case sensitive too.(i think)