Please remove this thread!

The project is in some way confidential. So i’ve broke some rules.
As soon as i can, i’ll share some more work! Thanks for all, and sorry again!


Nice trailer! I would love to see some episodes despite that it caters to a younger demographic. Stay on that course and keep up the great work.

Thanks! I bet that it caters to a huge public. I like it too, and i’m almost 39. :smiley:

One more grab.

Wow man, you have some talent! Great work here!

Wow this is so excellent! I’d love to keep posted on this as well.

It’s great to see you’re doing the vectors in Inkscape as well:)

I’d have to say I’m incredibly impressed by the work that’s coming out of South America… really really awesome!

Thanks a lot, comeinandburn!
I think that here are great animators; we have a gap in stories as well, but this case i bet that the story is simple but effective. Another important thing, in my humble opinion, to grow into the animation industry here is the incredible capabilities of OS software; i’m doing a hard work teaching it in every place i can, from seven years ago, when i met blender for the first time. :wink:

Thanks again for watching and for your kind comments!

Nice trailer! Blender is really growing in South America.

Could you explain a little your workflow for the mouths? How you change between shapes, and how do you automate the process for lipsync?

Thanks, and I hope the show hit the web do we can follow it.

Just outstanding in my book. Exactly how is the little character animated walking towards us and what program was used for that. I too have noticed many talented artist are located in South America. Please do a tutorial on the making when you have time. Once again really nice.

Very nice trailer and dibujitos!

Maybe a silly question. All School of Monsters series is made ​​using Blender, or you only used it to make the trailer?

Great Work.

Thanks for the kind comments! We’re proud of what we’ll done till now, and looking better ways to do that for the first episode.

@Netich: For the lipsync there are no magic, everything was “hand made”, hiding and showing the mouths when we wanted to. As the takes were very short, this represent no big problem. For automating this process we’ll use a rig with a bone driver to animate the hiding and showing of every mouth mesh.

@theoldghost: This animation was made drawing fram by frame, and this sequence was mapped into a plane. I could do some tutorials on cutout animation, maybe some series… i’m really starting to think about it.

@YAFU: we are doing the very first episode, and Blender is the main tool for all animation. We’ll see if they have to make the entire series, we are training people to animate in Blender as well. Maybe we could add some tool to facilitate some process but i don’t imagine yet.

as for the lipsync, how about

Oh man this is brilliant. I think they are perfect!

Thanks again for the feedback!

@Oyster: a great idea would be to hire a programmer to make an implementation of Pamela (it’s python!) as a tool for automatic lipsync… i’ve seen some nice things. But, in this project (i’ll tell you later, we are starting to animate the first episode) it’s not too tedious to put keyframes by hand. Yet. :smiley:

Killer work!!! some of the best things I have seen made in blender, really great work!

Thanks for the compliment! Fortunately there are hundreds of great productions made in Blender, and that number keeps growing exponentially!
I’m glad to be part of this community, this work in part was possible due to the knowledge sharing of blender users. :wink:

Excellently done!!! This would be an awesome show for Comedy Central.

@tc2466: whoa! i’d like to see it there! :smiley:

added a making of in the first post! :smiley: