Please retopoligze this giant mecha robot?

I made this last December, and it has a lot of topology problems. Could someone please re-topologize the ngons and clean up as much of the mesh as you can? Particularly the head and lower torso area?

Please try to maintain as much of the general shape of the original model as possible.

IMPORTANT: This file was created using Blender 2.79!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgQ2ROzY04jlpxE9R?e=Xgysac

Here are some reference photos for ideas about the shape.

this isnt a paid work?


I may have posted this before in the paid work forum many months ago by accident.

I can do this part time. What is your timeline?

For free?

There is no timeline, take as long as you want.

Yup. Free. Ok I will give you updates. Probably gonna take a whole month with part time work

Thank you!

No problems