Please save a newb some time using virtual sets

Blender Artists:

I’m a filmmaker and i want to buy virtual sets online to use with green screen actors. (the sets are in .obj and .3ds formats, among others) Anyway, what I really want to do is load one of these into a blender project, animate a camera move within it, and render it out.

I tried a few tests with some free objects just to see if i could import/etc. the result was that that some would import and some wouldn’t. the ones that did import usually didn’t have the textures they supposedly came with. (they’d just be blue and gray)

anyway, i’m a newb and just hoping this community can give me a little advice or point me to a tutorial that would be helpful for what i am trying to do.

Thanks in advance!

Start here:

you can buy sets online??? Where?
If you use obj for example, you must create a new material for the object and load in all the given maps. That should work. Once a wile ago I used sketchup with MAX. Build up the set in sketchup, because it is incredible fast, and brind it into MAX for animatics. But it only works for previews. If you want to render those models, they must have been modelled verrrrrry highpoly or shiped with a great and big texture.
Cheers Hilmar

unless you want to render the film in thumbnail size :o)

Der: I have been checking them out at the turbosquid site. Some r @ 150 bux or more, so I feel like they should be at nice rez and textured at that price. But it sounds like you’re saying that simply ‘importing’ doesn’t necessarily bring everything in at once. (Textures etc). Is that right?