Please sign this petition to force GPU scalpers to sell at MSRP

I hope this is okay to post here. It is really important. As you have all seen, it is really hard to buy a graphics card at MSRP, in fact it is nearly impossible. For the reason that scalpers are going out and buying out the MSRP GPU market and reselling it third party for 3 or 4 times the average value. With this new RTX Technology which The Blender Foundation is rapidly developing for some of these high end cards at affordable MSRP are extremely fun and cool to have, same for those who are into video game development. And it seems that the fastest way to affording one is through a petition to force these third party sellers, known as ‘scalpers’ to sell at MSRP, same for anyone selling anything that is used which would force it below that and open up the hoard of a market that is being kept from so many including myself. It is not fair to the consumer and it is not fair to the developers of this GPU technology that scalpers should be allowed to do this to the GPU market. So I started this petition. I would be very grateful, if everyone would sign it and get as many others to sign the petition as they can. I would really like to be able to purchase graphics cards with ease at MSRP and I hope you do to. Here is the link to the petition. We need 10,000 signatures to force the American government to address it and 100,000 signatures to force it into debate into Congress.

I know nothing about how these petition websites operate or how effective they are, nor how far you went into reaching a bigger audience (3 signatures out of 10k), blender artists won’t be able to fill in 10k let alone 100k signatures, you should maybe start with where the bulk of the GPU market is concentrated, this chart was pulled from the latest Nvidia keynote at Coputex:

Post in those well known higher popularity gaming forums/chats/subreddits/communities/etc… maybe ask a few gaming/tech youtube channels/twitch streamers to relay the message, maybe then you can reach your 100k target.

If you already did all this then just ignore my post.

Your money is the only petition they will listen to. This is the American way. And getting Congress involved is Un-American because you want them to control a commerce not mentioned in the constitution (Slavery & guns).
Don’t pay the money. There is no monopoly; there is no national interest or need; this is a rather shallow and selfish plea. Where’s the Bugatti petition? Sigh…

Too late, unconstitutional regulators have been a thing for over a century, and the chance of government being put back in its box as per the 10th amendment is close to nil.

Since the difficulty of getting Nvidia cards is not causing physical harm to people and property, and because you technically have AMD and soon Intel as an alternative, the chance of a hearing occurring because some gamers and CG creators are frustrated is very low. There is technically no basic human right regarding access to the latest tech. like RTX (which proposing would be a waste of resources when a sizable percentage of people globally still can’t read and write).

While it is annoying your petition is pointless and won’t attract many signatures. You are asking the American government to undermine capitalism for one type of product only? It’s a basic supply and demand thing. It’s been exacerbated by cryptocurrency mining, Covid 19, chip and component shortages and a few other things. Almost every single thing you buy is bought for far more than the cost of manufacture and far more than the cost that distributors pay for it.

What will happen is this. Once the shortages are a bit more under control companies will note that consumers were willing to spend 3 or 4 times the supposed retail value for things. Prices will rise.

There are far more important things to pressure governments over than you not getting a 3080 Ti or whatever

I agree about that and other stuff that you may be talking about, I am also working on. But, those are not things petitions can tackle. For reasons, I cannot even talk about for reasons I can’t talk about. But, this seems more realistic. It is common sense. Capitalism has turned into another word for money laundering. I would not lose in a fair debate believe me. But, because of a mental health crisis corruption could prevent success. But, I guarantee it, there are probably millions of people out there who are fed up with the GPU market and would love a GPU or two at MSRP. Of course, this is all small talk until I can get it further into a government. It is something that should not even require a petition, so the only issue I see is getting signatures. Please sign if you haven’t it does not take long and could get you a GPU at MSRP alot faster if you do not have one that you would like.

I am sure that this is not a demand, or a free market situation but special, organized, artificial shortages made by corporation and official partners for extra valuation of this generation of the cards. Which is already come and MSRP go up in all OFFICIAL stores. Check the numbers on the steam or any platforms with open data - 3080 isn’t present anywhere in sufficient amount (except mining and render farms).

From the official release of 3080 passed 9 month, they produced and sold 90% less cards judging by Steam numbers. But company in not a bankrupt, and haven’t lost any revenue, and has a new record!

Why do so? They don’t sell any cards to gamers or content creators, they don’t fulfill stock to the stores, almost all of the fresh cards going to corporative clients, mining/render farms, and only 10% of the produced amount finally coming to the market where the owners of the stores and affiliated to them people who know the real situation “scalp” all the stock to sell it with 300% margin. And because this chain is very profitable for everybody inside of it, they are telling the same story about the “unbelivabledemand!”. And so many people ready to repeat this lie as a monkeys…

However this petition is absolutely silly. The only way to put Nvidia to the place - to avoid their products with inflated prices or not. Because nvidia is the most anti-consumer company on the market.

Nvidia can’t just declare the manufacture of a higher quantity of cards as they are constrained by the capacity of Samsung’s fabs (and the fabs themselves take a long time to build because of their complexity).

What Nvidia can do however is cut off the supply to the miners, but that will depend on getting their AiB partners on board so they go to actual PC shops when they leave the factory. To crack down on the crypto craze itself would require action not from the US Government, but from the UN (which for better or for worse is largely useless when it comes to actually making Earth a better place to live).

Please just sign the petition. It is for a good cause and takes hardly any time. Thanks. It will not hurt a bit, I promise.

Government micromanagement of commerce (even to the point of setting the price of products) will always end in disaster, ask the people of Venezuela how that turned out as they browse through stores nearly devoid of product (because there is no incentive to produce when it becomes impossible to make a profit).

I am not saying that your proposal will make Nvidia lose money, but I do not believe for one second that the government would call it good once it does what you ask, because once it gets a taste of expanded power it will always want more. History has proven that the nature of government is to grow and for it to become more controlling over every facet of society.

Bare in mind that GPU’s evolve at an incredible rate the rtx 3080 that you crave today will be a pile of rubbish in 2 or 3 years time and you will want the latest hipe. This is consumerism and the petition will not help that.
What about the price of food? Over 8 million people die of hunger each year. The are far more worthy causes to make a petition for than to lower prices of luxury products.
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It is a means for an end to a place where blatant money laundering is taking place through the violation of copyright laws that is negatively affecting consumers. If you want to start a fundraiser for people who need food, you do that. But, in the mean time I will conquer this problem. It sounds like if they need food, what they need to do if they are in the US is apply for the EBT system. That is why that was created. I am on it myself. And need graphics cards, for a better life, not food. Food in excess will make you fat, one can easily live off of $200-400.00 a month that covers water, milk, and slim fast shakes, which is what I do. So please, we are fine on food, just sign the petition, any other protest is just making a case for criminal activity. Thank you.

Nobody will sell at MSRP if there are people willing to pay more money, unfortunately. I only have a single 3060Ti, which I upgraded to from a 970 (which I sold for about $70), but recently did some mining while the computer was idle to try and get back some of the cost, but when I went into Discord to get info about mining there were people with 10 or more GPUs only to mine crypto. I asked how they were buying them and they just said they were paying scalpers and didn’t care that much about the price because they believed they would still make money.

You can’t force scalpers to sell at a particular price, but if enough people complain to manufacturers (esp. Nvidia and AMD), maybe you could get them to sell more cards direct to consumer at a fairer price, but in many countries you can’t even buy the founders edition cards because Nvidia didn’t sell them at all, so in that case you’d need to convince board partners like Asus. I’m sure Nvidia and AMD wish that everyone who wanted a card could buy one, but in the end they are companies out to make as much money as possible and it probably doesn’t trouble them that miners want to pay 2-3x MSRP to buy their cards.

Good luck getting the US government to do anything about it :confused:

Again, an RTX card in a PC is not a basic human right. If such products being unaffordable to the masses (even for a little while) becomes a human rights violation, what is the next thing we should be entitled to, a cruise?

In addition, where is copyright law being violated, because last I checked the AiB vendors did not pilfer Nvidia’s schematics and are not making unauthorized copies of their cards (what they do mainly is bring in what Nvidia already produced and dress it up with fancy cooling and higher clocks).

Finally, if the logic for this petition is based on indisputable fact, then I would think the creator would have no problem discussing the merits of said petition instead of getting offended and telling us we should be ashamed. If you are on government assistance and can’t afford something you want right away, then perhaps the focus should be on finding a job that can create a steady income now rather than trying to turn the government into a genie.

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The price of anything is what a willing buyer will pay a willing seller.