please someone apply this tut on this car

Hi !
I here to ask you applying this tut ( on the file included above !
or from this (/uploads/default/original/3X/a/8/a8ab672aae07d947682c685512a5f9b1b7ccb16f.blendstc=1&d=1327605434)


game.blend (597 KB)

You can use the Visual VehicleWrapper. It is much easier to use.


Please , can you apply it in the following file !

It includes a tutorial and comes with a demo.

@ argonicmetal: dont make it fast man, sir monster provided you the details, you should practice,.find a way to do it…and i think you’re lacking the basic knowledge in blender. i suggest you to master the blender UI buttons and properties so that you can follow any tutorials provided, also try to check out versions,…ok?