Please stop giving add-ons silly names

For f#ck sake, stop giving your add-ons r#[email protected] names?! :no:

This is a very good example:

Great add-on (based on the feedback, I haven’t tried it yet), but the name … Russian-speaking users will ROFL after reading this. I can only imagine sharing this info in some educational institution with either female comrades or professor (male or female alike).

I had to vent about this, sorry :eyebrowlift:

why, what does it mean in russian?

Not really sure how to translate that directly, but basically “zalupa” or “zaloopa” means “head of the penis”. Probably can be translated as “dickhead”. So, “zaloopok” is derivative from “zaloopa”. Welcome to Russian 101 :rolleyes:

coincidence i think. the only word that seems to be the same in every language starts with an f. when i read it i thought it would be “the loop ok?” with a germanic accent.

Not to worry about that specific addon, just convince Campbell to write a few patches so as to make it obsolete (those tools should be easy for him) :wink:

Someone in comments asked to change the name and developer said he won’t change it. I bet if that was a poor choice using English word, it would be changed. But since it’s only going to affect Russian-speaking audience, who gives a f#ck. That’s my impressions of the situation anyway :rolleyes:

Could be for sure. But now that dev is aware and not willing to change the name, it’s kinda odd.

It’s obviously directed towards an English-speaking audience, not a Russian-speaking one. Many words are obscenities in some other language. That doesn’t mean products like Pee Cola, PooPoo Smoothies or Megapussi Potato Chips should change their names.

By the way, your own brand “Kot in Action” would translate to “Excrement in Action” in German.

He who wrote it, gets to name it. If you don’t like the name, write your own.

Yep, “shit” rather :rolleyes:

But, the number of users of my game is much smaller than number of Blender users. And when you tell someone “Oh, I played Steel Storm” name of the company rarely comes up, unlike “Oh you should use that Dickhead add-on for Blender” or “Put Dickhead into Blender to get it working” (this one is golden :stuck_out_tongue: )

Btw, I have never seen those products your mentioned in US nor ever heard anyone referring to them.

Or fork it and rename it, right? GTFO!!!

moto come to the southwest in america. one of the biggest bread brands is bimbo. evidently it means something else in spanish. most mexicans seem surprised when i tell them in means pendeja in english.

Sincerely, I haven’t seen any addon with a retarded name.
However, sometimes users of this forum behave like being retarded. English isn’t the only lenguage in the world - good morning!

So, what about closing this thread? I really think it’s stupid and insulting to the efforts of developers who put their work into development, not into this type of discussions.

If I was talking to a Russian, I would say, “You should used this addon,” (give them the link) “Disregard the weird name, it’s English.”

If you care that much about a name, sure, go ahead. It’s free (as in GPL) software, after all, so you are explicitly permitted and invited to modify it as you please.

Seriously. Someone took the time to write a useful add-on, took the extra time to publish it. For everyone. For free. If complaining about the name of it isn’t looking a gifted horse in the mouth, then I don’t know what is.

Translation: Super Dickmann’s: Super Sized with crunchy chocolate


i dont mind an offensive addon name :slight_smile:

it works, helps me get things done, so the author has my gratitude and nothing else, even if he called his addon dick balls twister shit in chinese

Sure, because you are not Chinese.

if it were called that in english, it will get a chuckle from me :wink:

If I were Chinese, I would not be offended because the creator of the addon speaks ENGLISH