Please tell me how to fix the camera view, (Pictures included

For some reason, my view is sort of warped, And its messing up everything. Its hard to see from a screen shot but compare these two

See how the picture with the muliple objects is warped (Grid is warped look carefully)

While the one with the cube is not. How do I reset the camera to look like the cube picture???


You might try to reinstall Blender.

One is with Perspective view, the other is with Orthographic view, both have their use.
To switch between Ortho and Perspective press Numpad5 or click on View -> View Persp/Ortho

Well, if you look REALLY carefully: it isn’t warped. In fact lines are pretty parallel !
It’s called orthographic view, and doesn’t give you a feel of perspective.

In orthographic side view, an object 1 m away will look as tall as the same object 1 kilometre away.

As Sanctuary says, Numpad5. It’ll soon be one of the most used keys of your keyboard !