Please tell me how to import model to Blender?

I made my work and save as the blender file. How to import it into the program.


PS. I’m newbie and my English isn’t good. Sorry.

“import” usually means getting models from other programs into blender. what you obviously mean is “open” a saved blender scene. to do that, simply press “F1”, then navigate to the place you saved your file, select it and click on the button “Open file”

Ah sorry I didn’t make my question clear. I mean I want to import the model from other blender project to my current blender project.

And thankyou for your answer.

OK, when you are in the project you want to “import” whatever into, you go to File>Append (or just Shift-F1) click the prject you want. Then it shows you various categories such as Camera, Textures, Object, etc. You can basicly append anything from the other project but going allong the lines of importing your model, click object and it displays a list of all the objects in the other project. Click the one you want (unfortunatly you can only append one at a time so if your model contains many objects, you’l have to do this many times :expressionless: ) and click append.

   I'm not quite sure how blender puts it where it does so if anyone else knows...

Actually you can append a whole scene. When you are appending, choose Scene. When it has been appended, you can find it in the menu. It should read something like: “SCE:Scene”. Click it and choose the appended scene. :slight_smile:

.blend can contain many scenes.

Hi. I’m a rank noobie and I have a problem related to this. I’ve managed to save my first practice scenes following the instructions, but when I try to reopen one later, I get an error message that says it can’t be opened because it’s not a blender file. What am I doing wrong? Every scene I’ve saved does this.

Often opening a file directly from Windows (or whatever) doesn’t work. Try opening Blender, THEN opening the file from within Blender.

Or maybe you didn’t tack “.blend” onto the end of the file name?


Yes, I am trying to open the files from within the open and running Blender program. When I save a file and type .blend onto the end of the file name, Blender automatically adds .jpg onto the end of it, so the file name ends with .blend.jpg.

Your mistake is using “Save Image” F3 directory, this is for saving rendered Images. You want to use “Save As” F2 directory, which will save everything BUT the rendered image.


Yes, Fligh %, that seems to be it. Thanks very much!