Please tell me what you think

Hey guys, Im new at this… Im working on a Datadyne building… i would like to show you the level… but i dont know how to attach a .blend file… can someone help me?

Edit. I think i posted this in the wrong place… I guess it was ment for the Game section…

Attachments is a good place to host .blend’s, you will probably be moved soon from a Mod. I like your detail also, what ‘level’ of blender are you? (I.E. Noob, Intermed.,)

Thank you for your help… about the noob, inter… I think im really good at this, Ive re created half of the Facility from Goldeneye, and it looks identical, if i can figure how to add the .blend file, i will post it also. Thankx again

I can’t wait to see that Facility, I used to play that game religiously. I hope i did this right

Edit… Here is the Facility, Spacebar will open the doors and if you remember the game, you will start in the bathroom, open the door to get out… to open the other doors, just remember the game :wink:

I posted the facility a while back (one or two years ago) i think that if a search i might find my old post :slight_smile: anywho what do you think?!?!

I like the first one, the second one, nothing personal, but I can’t get anywhere because of the FPS, the first one I like though maybe it’s my computer, The first one in case you didn’t notice, you can’t get back up from the lowered pit on the bottom level of where you start. I really can’t say though I have never touched the GE much.

Because of the FPS? i dont understand… Movements go as fallow W=up A=Left D=Right S=back SPacebar will open the Doors, you start inside the bathroom, just “Touch” the door and press SPacebar, the Mouse will move the Screen, and as for the First one, well I never did finish, its just there because it was going to be an elevator… sorry about that, just dont go in, the boxes might go a bit crazy, i started working on the physics but never got around to finish…

P.S You Might mean the movements might me too fast for the facility, it could be that i did that one with a laptop, so just try Lowering down the movement… I hope you can do it, Its a good level

He means Frames per second… I get around 5 frames a second on my computer… It shouldn’t be that slow.

No, I mean Frames Per Second… It is really, really choppy. I did get a bit further and am impressed but the choppyness really brings down the attention to detail you took. It is really good, and would be 20X better if it ran smoother. But maybe it’s because my comp. has been on awhile.

… It runs at 40fps on mine… :frowning: i dont know how to fix that, it does have alot of stuff on that level…

I have a Pentium 4 3.8 ht, 512 of memory and a 128 Ati Card…
:)if you can just Look at the Level, (alt+right on the mouse)

I’ll see what I can tomorrow, my comp does need a rest.

OK… also try opening it with Blender 4.1

4.1?! Your scaring me now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oops, I ment Blender 2.41 :expressionless:

So many more people do that than you may think.

Guess no one likes it… or no one will download and try looking at it :frowning:

dude, thats crazey. i would like to know how you did your mouse script and if it works on a mac computer. i knowticed u have TUNS of objects. it might make it less laggy if you join the walls together into one object with Ctrl-J. but im impressed.

:stuck_out_tongue: Hey thankx. the mouse movements was actually done for me by a friend a while ago,as for the walls I Dont have them join together bacause i add or delete some walls, ( In the Datadyne Building) If you notice the white dot in the middle of the screen thats the (what i like to call it a Finger) Its used to Open a door around there… With it touch the Button and press SPacebar to open the Door.

P,S Feel free to use the Character model, or get the script from the File.