Please texture this sci-fi weapon

(LBJ) #1

Please texture this sci-fi weapon.

It is the “tau cannon” from the 1998 PC video game “half-life”.

The copper-colored parts are actually supposed to be copper, including the two donut-shaped coils. And the blue parts glow blue.!Ansq7V5Mt2BrfYnh6vy_wDUqb5M

Here is a demonstration of how I’d like it to be textured the below photos are not my model, it’s just a reference

(Ach Abou) #2

pbr or normal?

(Ach Abou) #3

here is copper

(LBJ) #4

Whichever, it doesn’t matter.

(Ach Abou) #5

I tried to apply the materials and it looked horrible

(LBJ) #6

Okay, then use pbr.

I’m not sure what pbr is, which is why I said use either method.

(0ptikz) #7

PBR is physically based rendering. It essentially aims to replicate the way light and materials interact in the real world, thus creating more realistic results. This should give you a decent idea of what it is: