Please texture this

(LBJ) #1

Could someone please texture this to look like it does in the below photos?

This is a model of “die glocke” or German for “the bell” and it is probably the greatest unsolved mystery of world war 2. If you want more information about it, just google die glocke. Supposedly, it was an experiment in exotic propulsion technology.

Disclaimrer: NO, I am NOT a Nazi, nor do I support Nazism or it’s ideology. For the sake of historical accuracy and world war 2 history, it requires a swastika to be part of it’s texture. I’m sorry if this might offend you, please bear with me.

The rest of the texture is a dark metallic silver color, with scratches and a “worn” look to it.

I’d like a version with, and without a swastika.!Ansq7V5Mt2BreISHj5r4FVbcwFo

(Muhammad Khaled) #2

Hi @LBJ I’m busy today , I will come tomorrow If no one did it
Just want to know for what it will be used ?? this will help me decide how I should do it

(LBJ) #3

It’s simply art.

(PaperBenni) #4

I expected something like using it in a documentary, but most normal people don’t model Nazi super weapons like they sculpt characters, can you give any further explanation?

(LBJ) #5

I actually intend to animate it and use it in a scene in a narrated youtube video about secret weapons of world war 2 that I’m making.

(PaperBenni) #6

Oh, ok.
I’m writing this second sentence cause it wont let me post with fewer than 10 characters

(LBJ) #7

Are you done yet?

(Romanji) #8

I could easily do this in 20 minutes with Substance Painter but you didn’t provided an unwrapped model, and i never unwrap models unless i get paid for that. I hate it enough if i have to do it for my own stuff.
Sorry, no deal, unless you do the unwrapping.

(Hüseyin Demirtaş) #9

I’m looking…
I’il help you.
I think you’re new to modeling. I’ve seen many errors in this model.

(Hüseyin Demirtaş) #10

(Hüseyin Demirtaş) #11

I was in a bit of a hurry, so the shader wasn’t realistic …

(LBJ) #12

Yes, I’m relatively new to modeling.

Where can I download the textured version?

(Hüseyin Demirtaş) #13

do you want the corrected models and textures in me?

(LBJ) #14

Sure, and if possible, I’d also like a 2nd version of it without the swasticka and red band so it’s more friendly to show people.

(English is not my native language) #15

@LBJ , Even if you have plans to share these models with CC0 license somewhere, you should be honest with those who are helping you, maybe one of them wants to share credits.

(Hüseyin Demirtaş) #16

I don’t understand what you mean … I can’t put it on “gumroad” for $ 0

(English is not my native language) #17

I did not expect you to understand, I was talking about @LBJ when he asks forum users to finish their work. If LBJ plans to share these collaborative models (not only for own usage in some project), I think that it should inform to others the plans that he has for it so that all the collaborators agree on the license.

(LBJ) #18

I plan on using it for myself (for an animated video about WW2) and not making the textured version available for download elsewhere.

(LBJ) #19

You could upload it to microsoft onedrive?

(LBJ) #20

Sure, I’ll share the credits of the person who textures this, if they want to be.