Please try this file...

(S_W) #1


Here is another executable that will change the screen resolution.
This time I didn’t include blender so the file is only 449 KB.
Please tell me if everything works right.

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

(gargola) #2

k. downloading right now! :slight_smile:

(gargola) #3

k. it worked fine for me! tried it on 800x600 and like a charm! LOL :smiley:

(S_W) #4

Thank you! :wink:

(Klein) #5

~I dont understand how it works?!
There is only an blender.exe file and everytime i open it, it doesnt do anything!!!
Whats up?

(gargola) #6

when you open it,do you see anything?

(S_W) #7

Do you have Blender installed (with the installer not with the zip file)?
If not there is no key in the registry that can show the program the blender path, it won’t probably work correctly…
You need the following key:


and a default line of characters with a value like this:

"C:\Program Files\Blender\Blender.exe" "%1"

Perhaps this helps you a little bit :wink:

(Klein) #8

ok i have installed blender with setup and the program works.
But it only opens an example file .
How can i make my own exe file?
and how can i change screen resolution?

(S_W) #9

I think you understand something wrong.
This exe file is only an example of the abilities of the program I’m currently working on.
Here is a little screenshot how this program may look like:

(Klein) #10

ok i have downloaded gameDeployer 1.0
but i cant change screen resolution and the program is not the same as in the picture

(S_W) #11

Sorry, but the GameDeployer 1.2 (on the screenshot) is not finished yet…
But I hope I won’t need too much time. :slight_smile: