Pleasentville alternate ending animation

Hello everyone;
I made this blender animation for english. It follows the film pleasantville but the ending ends in death and bloodshed instead of happiness and peace. This is just mainly because everyone in pleasantville just look so mentally unstable.

a render of a scene of the animation were some parts of the town are coloured and others arent

this is were it floods. However, the flood puts out the fire and it doesnt flood water. It floods blood. To signify the bloodshed and to engulf the town and drown out the all other noise.

this is were it rains in pleasantville

some scenes of the animation with random objects coloured and others not

b&w vs rgb

this is the tv that bud and jennifer go into at the start of the film

the storm/fight clears up and pleasantville has now opened as shown by the bomber in the top right and many people have died. The council building is blocking the rainbow other than the red to show that it chose the red path to change. The rainbow signifies hope but the council building blocks it and turns it into bloodshed basically.

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