Pleasure Boat

Giving a shot doing a boat based on a concept art by Gabe Gonzalez.

Blocking out and struggling to not go too fast about doing meshes too dense.

Little update and quick highpoly

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Nice topology! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

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I made a dozens of boats in the past, including the Spanish galleons and such, and I can ensure you that so far you’re working correctly :slight_smile: Good mesh density, for the current progress, and good shape overhaul. Nice job!

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I misread your title as “Pleasure Bot”. I am slightly dissapointed that it’s just a boat.

Thank you! Good to know I’m on a right track it really means a lot to me :smile:

Oh don’t worry Romaji I’ll be creating whole scene or rather diorama just for that boat. I will add some fruits and wine to it later on

Also a quick update

Progress made over the weekend

Ready lowpoly mesh. It still need some tweaks to do. I should delete some faces here and there, make it more dense in some places and after that it’ll be ready for sculpting

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Nice progression! Looks like a great base for sculpting already! :slight_smile:

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Haven’t post in a while because I was struggling with setting up sculpting (cuz truth is I’m doing it for the first time practically) and figuring out how to even do it “properly”

So here are some parts that I’ve sculpted so far

Hey, so I’ve made some progress on the main part of the boat.
Also made a little gif:


Here’s a low poly version for baking

And highpoly sculpt with some lowpoly parts that don’t need highpoly versions
Fixed front shield thing so the lines don’t look wobbly.
I feel like the railing on the bow of the boat should be more reliable to the concept.

I’ve made some basic UVs for it but I’ll hold up with baking for now because I want to redo that railing (it looks so flat!!!)

Also I rearanged how I handle my project.

Before I had everything in one file separeted with different collections:

…but now I separeted everything by file (the main reason for that is to make it more organized and speed things up - highpoly has around 8mln triangles so some operations like undo take a while to process):
…and made sure that every object has the proper name and sufix for the Substance Painter to recognize which one is low poly and which high poly. That Batch Rename tool is very useful and powerful, you can get it by pressing Ctrl + F2:

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Everything seems spot on! You pretty much keep doing exactly what is correct :smiley:
Great work with the sculpting! Gives it a very natural feeling!