Pleasure Boat

Giving a shot doing a boat based on a concept art by Gabe Gonzalez.

Blocking out and struggling to not go too fast about doing meshes too dense.

Little update and quick highpoly

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Nice topology! Looking forward to more :slight_smile:

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I made a dozens of boats in the past, including the Spanish galleons and such, and I can ensure you that so far you’re working correctly :slight_smile: Good mesh density, for the current progress, and good shape overhaul. Nice job!

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I misread your title as “Pleasure Bot”. I am slightly dissapointed that it’s just a boat.

Thank you! Good to know I’m on a right track it really means a lot to me :smile:

Oh don’t worry Romaji I’ll be creating whole scene or rather diorama just for that boat. I will add some fruits and wine to it later on

Also a quick update