Plese Help, New to F-Curves. How to make object more sensitive to sound/F-Curves???

Hiya I’m Yomashi and I’m new to blender and I DESPERATELY need some simple help. I’m making a 3D visualizer and it’s almost finished. I have the Main audio bars responding well to the F-Curves but the smaller blue ones are just not getting long enough. So I don’t know how to make the bars more sensitive to the F-Curves. I am grateful for any and all help! the model will be down below. You should be able to just press alt-A to see how it’s supposed to work. Thank you for the help

P.S. do your best to ignore the horrendous recording I just had oral surgery and it was 12am when it was recorded:p


Yomashi Hologram ANIMATED RESIZED4.blend (1.91 MB)