Finally i finished my pliers:D. Rendered with cycles. Please say what you think.

Here is an other one with a different ground, for a more natural look.

It looks like the dents and marks look like they are coming out instead of in

I don’t agree with you, lucas. They look as they should.

But I will say, though, that the textures seem a bit too low-res

Only one thing is imho should better, the color of the wrench, it too much RGB-like.
If Iwere you I would to make it in this color

But otherwise its very nice model and texture :wink:

That’s very nice work!
As @krokodyl1220 said, the textures are a bit too low resolution for closeups, but overall, as a learning experience you did a great job! Keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for your replies. I agree about the low res texture:)