Plot Holes

No, I’m not being dirty; I’m starting this thread from the “Matrix Reloaded” thread, which went into how many little things in “The Matrix” were stupid. Let’s go into more plot holes in movies:

ROAD TO PERDITION: Throughout the film, Tom Hanks has a moustache. He doesn’t! (Letterman)

HARRY POTTER: Kids can’t fly on broomsticks! (Letterman)

JUST ONE WISH: While I do consider it to be a great film, I must admit that it’s only accessible to the Blender community due to the ending. Still good, but confusing as to how the guy knows about Blender if he’s in a cave.

BLADE: Where the hell is the dust when the vampires die?

PAY IT FORWARD: In the ending (SPOILER ALERT), Haley Joel Osment tries to save some kid from bullies, only to be stabbed. Who do his murderers think they are, the Menendez brothers or OJ Simpson?

Okay, most of those are jokes. But let’s see some real ones.

First, the matrix reloaded thread didn,t went into how many little things in the matrix were stupid…it more went into: How many stupid thing can cubefan say in less than 24hour!

Second, I hope those two “hole” in the quote was the “joke” of your thread…cause well…those are STORY!!! I mean, if in the story of road to perdition the main character (in the script) had a moustache…then the main character should have a moustache!! Same thing in harry potter…

can you plz stop posting stupid remakr about movie? it become more than annoying…

How many stupid thing can cubefan say in less than 24hour!


Um… X, that’s the joke. %|

Now who’s being naive? Geez, I made it clear that they were jokes! (Who do you think Letterman is? DUH!)

Star Wars: Episode 1

need i say more? :wink:

uhmm…I think you didn’t understood my post…

ooh and those are not joke…cause joke are suppose to be funny…

Yet another boring (and pointless) thread started by cubefan. LOCK THIS THREAD.

in the same line of thought, for computer gamers:


Martin fell from his chair, laughing

/me listens intently, waiting for punchline.

Great plot hole!

ha ha ha :expressionless:

CubeFan, you’re hilarious…