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If you know of every post I’ve done on this forum, you’ll know what “Plotless Film” is. If not, good thing, because it’s kind of in doubt, and I need your help.

The idea was a community project, and the idea is WAY too open. So, I’ve given you a couple of choices. Choose wisely, because you obviously have only one vote, and not-so-obviously you’ve only got about 2 weeks to decide.

Good luck, and may the Plot stay away from you :smiley:

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PS: Reply! I dare you!

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don’t bump posts please. People will reply if they have something to reply.


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Oops… sorry, theeth. I didn’t remember that eventually, Valarking will come and yell at me :stuck_out_tongue:

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/me runs and begins to design a web site… yeah, right

ValarKing, are you going to boot camp, or are you just watching “Full Metal Jacket” too much?

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i don’t really know what you mean by “link.” if you mean how to make the scenes come together, you could begin every new scene with the object/creature/person you saw LAST in the previous scene. it would be kinda interesting, because they would be kinda tied together (by an object) but could be totally different. if you understand what i am trying to say.

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I am working in a salad factory during the holidays- I mix salad, wash dishes, take out rubbish, dice eggs, cart food around. Basically I am everybodies little bitch boy, I do whatever people want me to do. You kinda start thinking weird stuff doing repeative tasks, sometimes I’ll just do something without thinking about it----- there was so much I was wanting to do these holidays but instead I work usually 12hours+ a day with salad. I smell when I come home I eat, shower and watch tv I can’t be buggered doing anything else. There are the small things which make me stay here, the smiles and the jokes-- you are probably thinking ‘what am I on about’ -------- I think about movie ideas and animations which I can only THINK about at the moment. I’m always planning on living instead of actually doing it. If you want a plotless movie go and get a factory job were you are over worked and underpaid - but don’t complain about it. – Do as much stupid docile shit as you can and look at everybody as if they have dog shit smeared around their mouths. Walk with a limp and talk with a lisp, pretend to be deaf. Sing Christmas caroles out loud, don’t bring your own lunch just scab off everyone else. Slack off as much as you can and try to make as many enemies as possible. Save every dime you earn- then on your last day act normal, dress tidy, bring a pack of CHOCOLATE biscuits for smoko, your lunch, share your taylor mades with everyone, walk straight, talk right and tell everybody that lastnight you were visited by an angel and that we are all acting and are hypocrites. That we are all deaf and blind.

– then the movie will come to you

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Well said.

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Actually, that was one idea of mine. It was used in “And Now For Something Completely Different,” and is often used on “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”

It worked like this: In the first scene of “ANFSCD,” it had this Hungarian guy asking an English man where the railway station was (though he was using a bad Hungarian/English phrasebook and said “Please fondle my buttocks”), and then walked into an animation where he goes left at a lightpost.
It follows him, then some hands come up and turn into trees.
Then a cowboy rides in (on a hand done to look like a horse), throws a lasso, pulling in a man who puts shaving cream all over his head then cutting it off.
Then, not far away, we go into a sketch about a marriage guidance counsellor, and two people he’s “helping,” though he ends up having sex with the girl and the guy (told by God to stand up to him, but being a weakling, goes back outside) just gets squashed by a 16-ton weight…
Which goes into a sketch about two guys in a bar. It goes on.

BTW: It’s kind of a remake of sketches from seasons 1-2 of “MPFC.”

Anyways. That could be used, but then everyone would have to keep their models. Also, if one guy who focused on getting his short done (thus making surreal models) is placed next to a photo-real short, that wouldn’t look right.

All right, I’ll shut up about that.

One guy suggested in another thread that I have a bunch of scenes that get explained in the end. The problem is that this is a feature-film project, and you can’t explain about 48 3-minute shorts in less than 10 minutes. That’d be one huge “climax.” Despite it being an element of story, I was planning it, in the sense that the ending is basically the best shorts that we got.

Okay, I’m not explaining something about the “best shorts.” The idea was to make it a pseudo-contest, where everyone submits a short or two or three, then some judges decide which are the best and which aren’t as good but can still be used. The 3-10 best shorts are the climax, and the rest are place randomly throughout the film.

I should probably get a web-site set up, learn FTP, and get it on Iptic, rather than talk a lot, but I’m going to make a couple edits to the poll. Then I’ll start finishing the web-site. (It’s started already, albeit quite bare-bones, and it’s probably going to stay that way.)

Thanks for the replies. Bye.

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