Ploutocrates (Nudity !)

Hi there,

Here is a recent work I did to test Lux with some Daz models. The purpose was not to reach photorealistic result but something approaching a painting.

Inspiration : Pornocrates by Félicien Rops
Modelling : Blender and Daz victoria 3 as base image for the model and some sculpting work within Blender
Rendering : LuxRender 0.6 RC5 Sampler = Lowdiscrepancy, Intergrator = path
Light : HDRI + Mesh light
Rendering time : about 1h15 in 1300x1800 on a core 2 quad 2.83Gh

Here is another version, not my prefered but it may be more appealing for some people :wink:

nice work!
Really liked the idea. Also renders)))

The render looks REALLY nice… but next time make the woman attractive…

Thanks guys,

As I expected that request I also prepared the “attractive woman” version :wink:
I added a new image in the top of the topic.

Nice work with an interesting idea and theme. Personally, I prefer the “unatractive” version because it is different than YAAWP (yet another attractive woman picture) which we get to see thirteen a dozen. Yours is not only a distinguising representation but I also feel it better suits or supports the theme.

Interesting. I might put that on my wall. Well…

I like more offbeat concepts like this. What I find interesting, though, is the look of the DAZ model. I’ve played around with DAZ for getting decently modeled humans into Blender quickly (I hate modeling people from scratch, and don’t see the point as others do it much better than me) – and as such am on their mailing list. Most of the renders I see in their ads have a certain “porcelain” look to them – like the SSS of the skin if off or something. I see that here also. Clearly, Blender’s renderer is different than DAZ’s, so it might not be the rendering after all. Maybe something about the models themselves.

Very very nice, though, my weird observations about DAZ notwithstanding. I’ve seen things with less artistic value in the Carnegie MoA here at home.

Gorgeous Work!

Thanks for comments,

@ypoissant: I first did the thin woman one, it gave the idea of the luxery but I wasn’t satisfied with the overall result and I finally choose the “generous” model :wink: which indeed better suits the theme.

@harkyman: I like modelling anything but just like you I hate modelling humans and daz models are really great but they require some tweakings to get the good skin results. I’ll try later on to get some SSS fx which was not required in that case.

I agree… the woman doesn’t have to look scrawny-but-buxom.

(Hey, I’m a normal male of the species, but … we see a lot of that.)

In fact, you don’t even have to see her nipples in order to make this shot “work,” because it’s really all about absurdity. You just need to show a nude woman walking her pig and dodging the flying-pigs. It’s cute and funny and it works.

Really nice stuff, but there is something off about the fact that the flying pigs are the same colour as the wonams skin. I cant explain why but it irks me for some reason.

A true piece of art! Great renders (I prefer the first one)!

nice one. Only thing I think could be different is sculpt-finishing some details on the waist of the fat one. I mean the folds are a bit flat.

I think the color scheme is great, the pigs are definitely pink on my screen, the same color temperature(good lighting) as the skin, but definitely a different color.

This is gallery worthy IMO, maybe scooch her arm up a bit like sundials suggested and it would be politically correct enough for most people?

I like it the way it is, but no nipple would appeal to a broader audience.

Just wow.

I think the original woman should have larger breasts, as typically happens with fatter people. But it works perfect as it is anyway. I hope this makes it into the Gallery.

I like :lol:


this is simply amazing!!

style and concept are fantastic :slight_smile:

Great stuff! I love the idea and exectution! Vote + for fatter girl - plain and simple, that way image makes more sense. Gallery!

Thanks again for comments,

About flying pigs, the fact that the color is the same as the woman was not intentional at first, I started with a color similar to the big pig and lighted it until reaching a balanced image, I even made them white and it was not bad but finally added some pink. The idea was then to get a virtual curve like a C based on a gradient color begining from the flying pigs and ending with the big one. The main objective was to get a well composed and balanced image.

you did everything Just Right imho, this is fine art, great work :slight_smile:

wow. that is wild and very nice.