PLR Concept car

I thought it would actually help to have some constructive feedback while I’m making this car, because I tend to finish the cars and start a new project, leaving all kind of bugs… So now that I am in time to solve problems or learn things on the go… Well, you know, tips and tricks are much apreciated. By the way, the car is totally invented by me, but you can notice some resemblance with a Saab in the front. I begun two days ago, so it’s pretty much the beggining. In the pics the only modifier is Edge Split for smooth shading.

Awesome so far! Keep on updating soon! I really want to see it finished!

Nice begining! Hope, that Gstretch and Spider scripts will be helpfull to you =)

Very glad you like it! Last progress of today. Obviously enough, I made the roof. Also added depth to some parts.

Thanks, Gstretch seems very useful, but can’t find that Spider script you say…

Got the side done :eyebrowlift:!

Got the back done, with nice glossy exhaust pipes!

Basic shaping is done… but still waaay to go. I really have no idea how could I make some good headlights and tailights…

So there I am, trying things… Let me know how headlights look, please.


I’m thinking that you have a good start, but probably had too much geometry too soon. Post #8, look at the light on the wing near the bonnet - it doesn’t curve evenly, and perhaps it should. I see other areas where the light shows some potential errors, but the previous one I highlighted is the most obvious.

Making good headlights and tail-lights requires - for me at least - lots of geometry.

Here is the Link to the latest Spiercript and some description