Plug-in architecture.

(IamInnocent) #1

Since everybody is talking of what’s important for them within Blender and since AFAIK this hasn’t been proposed yet (but I’ve been away for nearly a month so I may have missed something) and finally since a rewrite of Blender is unavoidable : (no I’m not a lawyer :wink: )

Could the next Blender architecture make be mostly plug-in oriented, so that anybody could have the projects they want, succeed or fail, without any risk for the other projects and mostly for the core program. Wouldn’t that make the whole gang happy ?
(Of course not ! )

(theeth) #2

That’s what we were talking about yesterday in #blenderchat

A majority of people were willing to do just that, and SirDude already have some stuff thought out regarding the Texture and Sequence plugins.


(IamInnocent) #3

And I guess that that would also include possibilities for :
rendering engines
game engine(s)
modeling… engines (too I guess)
a little plug-in to manage the (darn) layers…
animation systems

not only sequence and texture, right ?

(theeth) #4

of course. We were talking about a full SDK too, and probably a dual C and Python api.


(hannibar) #5

Why would you need a plug-in architecture when you have access to the source code. If you need a plug-in, why not just code it?

(theeth) #6

many advantages:

  • people don’t really have to know C++

  • they can access directly what they want without having to understand the source code

  • you can distribute plugins separatly

  • a good plugin architecture can make additions much easier to do. Then, when something is deemed ready to bring into the source, it can be put there.


(IamInnocent) #7

Oh, I am no big developper but I felt that it was a big worry for many if the code or at least the means of developping it were left to the whim of everyone and their family.
So you mean that there would never be any problem if everybody was free to imagine a new rendering engine for example, structure it to one’s fancy and create some mean to interface it to the core program, which, by the way, may evolve itself.
I just thought that a little structure, by the way of a well thought out SDK might help as also might keeping the evolution of the core a separate and well controled project.
But I’m no big developper, just a guy who wants to know how he will manage to fit his projected modelling tools in the vast scheme of the Blender-to-be.


(IamInnocent) #8

Mmmm, dreamy !

(jeotero) #9

a plugin can be loaded only when used