Plug-in DVD player drive for a laptop too slow

I got a Roofull DVD player drive for my birthday last year, and I am now only starting to use it. It works well for certain DVDs, but for others it takes a while to buffer and read the disk. I tried putting in the Blu-Ray DVD for a DVD/Blu-Ray pack for the movie Dune (2021), which I just got for Christmas. The Blu-Ray has trouble being recognized, while the DVD can be recognized, but buffers a lot instead of playing immediately.

It still works, but I have trouble playing DVDs in that. What should I do?

What video player are you using? I’d recommend VLC

I use Any DVD.

First: and you are sure this is plugged in into a USB-3 port ?

DVD and Blue-Ray players have different laser systems for the different type of disc… so if one gets more dirty it may play the one but not the other… so sometimes simple dedusting helps… you may also inform yourseff about lens cleaning…
Also the queston was which software you use to play the media… there are also different codecs using in DVD and BlueRay… and also different licences…
And also the OS…

(Wasn’t there also sometihing about Windows11 not supporting something anymore ??)

And also: Roofull seems to have not any BlueRay players…

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There are a few cases:

  • That the computer is weak - but it depends - could be either hardware or software issue. Though you can play videos fast as normal, this is not the case with external drives. As for example for video streaming the data goes from internet directly to RAM, but from the drive the data goes from USB-motherboard-RAM which is a bottleneck to take into consideration. You can try a different computer somewhere just to make sure that the video loads any differently.

  • That the USB connection is slow. This was the case with USB1, but with USB2 or USB3 I doubt that is any slow. But still if is something about the software driver is a question.

  • If you need to get the proper driver of the device is a good idea as well. Manufacturers always suggest to download their own drivers. As devices conform to standards, they can play nicely with Microsoft generic drivers, however at some cases there are tiny details that the generic driver can’t cover.

  • If is a faulty lens of the player. This is the one of the most important reason that all reading errors occur. Depending on the quality of the DVD device, you could get a really good lens component or something that wores off quickly within a few years. I remember back in the days of PS1 the lenses would go bust once every month for very certain reasons…

  • If is not either about the drive-computer-software. Last chance is that the cable is somehow busted or snapped. It could potentially have some weak connection somewhere causing electricity to have noise (causes requested packets of data to be resent multiple times eventually).

  • If is a faulty disk. This is a very rare case to happen with legit disks, but with home recorded disks it could happen usually as I remember (if the quality of the disk was low within a few years the disk could go off). One thing you can try is to play the disk somewhere else, though it could be really hard to find someone with DVD player these days… :face_with_monocle: