Plug in!!

Hey guyz… i m very new here… :slight_smile:

I am a web designer+developer and a UNI student. I just got started in 3d some time ago… not regularly though… i started with Maya PLE… did a couple of tutorials… i also saw blender and yafray’s amazing results… i dloaded blender and yafray… did a couple of beginer tutorials for blender… and made this :slight_smile: no tweaking in XML… direct blender output for yafray :slight_smile: and i must say blender and yafray r amazing…

But one prob: Blender 2.33a crashes a lot on my Win XP Home… i hav 2 save every 15 secs… :frowning: i hav a micro star builtin VGA shared from my RAM… so maybe i shud get some OpenGL card to get rid of this problem… any help is highly appreciated… ok enuf talk… see the image :slight_smile:

thanks… :slight_smile:

Welcome to elYsiun. I like your Plug in - you could try to metal up the metal parts :wink:

An Open GL capable graphics adapter is highly recommended - I hope it solves your crashing problems. It will definitely increase your machine’s performance in Blender.

hellbound Hi

Welcome to Elysiun, like your render. Blender is good and getting better all the time, as for a card, I would go for a Nvidia based card, as there are very few problems with Nvidia and Blender, ATI and Blender can be a pain, I know I started with ATI.

Happy Blending


welcome to blender and elysiun! nice model, but the metal needs some work.

HI: Frankly, I had good luck w/ all the video card I have ever tried (including Matrox). From my experience, I venture to say that your configuration problem is really the exception. Good luck anyway.