Plugin developer | Cool Startup | Fulltime | Prague, Czech Republic

Hi Blender Artists and Blender Devs!

My name is Zdenek Glazer, I am CTO of Prague, Czech Republic based 3D scanning startup Precismo ( We are working with cutting edge technology and we are focused on R&D in 3D scanning, reflectometry, pointcloud/mesh processing to finally develop technology with mass-scale digitization potential.

We are currently looking for an on-site blender plugin programmer, who would be responsible for creating/integrating new python tools into our Blender based workflow.

Who would be an absolutely ideal candidate:
0) Highly motivated, self-driven 3D enthusiast able to working with both Graphics/Programmers

  1. Python programmer skilled in blender plugin development - (MUST)
  2. Master degree/PhD in Computer Graphics/Computer Vision/Mathematics - (would be super cool!)
  3. Based in Czech Republic - (not mandatory but highly preferred)
  4. Available for fulltime - long term cooperation - (not mandatory but highly preferred)

This task seems to me like looking for a needle in a haystack, but who knows.
Maybe you are the right match!

Thanks for reading and take care!

Zdenek Glazer


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