Plugin Developer Needed


I am looking for a plugin developer to continue the work on LeoMoon LightStudio as we are currently busy and can’t improve this plugin.

This plugin is open-source and if you are interested, you can look at the code here:

To start, I want these changes to be done:
I merged the “Mask - Backface” made by PostPollux.
I also commited the exposure node and slider: Exposure Node

  • “Mask - Backface” needs to be added to import/export
  • “Exposure” needs to be added to import/export
  • “Exposure” needs to change the light icon in LightPanel: Exposure Node
    This seems to be the formula for exposure: Pixel(x) = x * math.pow(exposure_value, 2)
    Link: HDRI Exposure

Payment will be done via PayPal in USD per project (not per hour).

Please msg me with the cost if you are interested.


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